Hello world!

This will be a series of observations of the most amazing cat breed in the world…the Siberian Forest Cat!

I am one of those fortunate human beings who found my way to them, brought some home (from Russia) and am perpetuating the breed by raising their kittens for others to enjoy.  I am one of those people who knew no life without cats and dogs.  My first experiences and memories probably had more to do with my pets than my family…for I was the youngest child in a family of five children.  The older siblings were much older and my days were filled with playing with puppies and kittens and learning to love and respect them immensely.

About Tormodkot Siberians , SibicatsBarbara

Breeder of amazing Siberian Forest Cats. I am dedicated to the well-being of this breed...to studying their unusual behaviors which show their extreme intelligence and their positive interaction with their 'people'. Tormodkot Siberians has moved from Washington State to Southern Nevada. I have been a BREEDER of Exceptional SIBERIANS (and Norwegians) for 12 years. Litters will be planned about 3 times each year. I have WAITING LISTS which assure you that a kitten will be available when you are ready to make one a part of your family. The Siberian kitten is one of the most precious of all animal babies. They love to be held and will purr in anticipation when you get near them...I have placed Siberian babies all over the Nation. I have a Courier available if you are unable to pick up your own kitten.
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